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Why Are My Contact Lenses Uncomfortable?

There are a handful of reasons why your contacts may feel uncomfortable. It is important that you make sure that your contacts fit your eye properly. Even when you suffer from eye problems, it is still possible to wear contact lenses. You should visit Dr. VanDerPloeg & Associates if you are in the Cincinnati, OH area to make sure you have properly fitting contacts. 


It may be surprising all the reasons why your contact may feel uncomfortable and not fit your eye properly. One of the top reasons for discomfort is dry eye. This is when your eyes are dry and become irritated, red, and blurry. Wearing contact lenses can make your eyes even drier so that it feels like there is grit and dirt in your eyes. 

If you have astigmatism, your eye has a football shape, which is different from a typical eye. Some contact lenses cannot fit over the oval shape of your eye with astigmatism. You may need contacts specifically made for astigmatisms. 

A condition called presbyopia is when your eyes have a difficult time focusing on upon. This happens as your eyes age and why people tend to need reading glasses. This requires a specific type of contact lens. 

A condition known as giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC) is when there is swelling on the inside part of the eyelid. This causes the protein to build up on the contacts which makes them difficult to wear and fit. 

What Else Can I Do To Help My Contact Lenses To Feel Better?

There are some other ways to help your contacts feel better when you are wearing them in your eyes. You can use eye drops that are medicated to improve the dryness in your eyes. These types of drops can also reduce swelling and the protein in your eye. Gas permeable lenses are a great alternative lens that you can use to reduce the protein that builds up, as well as reduce the pressure and bulging.

Why Visit Dr. VanDerPloeg & Associates?

If you think you have any of these conditions, you can still wear contacts. You do need to schedule an appointment with Dr. VanDerPloeg & Associates in Cincinnati, OH to make sure you get the proper contact lenses specific for whatever conditions you may have been impacting your vision. When you contact us to schedule your appointment, be sure to speak with Amelia or Batavia. They will make sure to schedule you for a time that works best for you. You can call us at 513-753-4981 to schedule an appointment today!   

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