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Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye can be a frustrating condition, but there are treatments available. A lot of people do not seek treatment, or they do not know about all the options they have. That can leave them irritated, rubbing their eyes a lot and trying to get relief through over-the-counter drops that might not work well. At Dr. VanDerPloeg & Associates, you can get the help you need for dry eyes and other types of eye conditions. If you are in the Amelia or Batavia, OH areas, we are close by and ready to help. We can look at the specific issues you are having with dry eyes and make sure you are getting the right treatment so you can have the highest possible level of success.


What Causes Dry Eye?

There are several causes of dry eyes. Some medical conditions and the medications that are used to treat them can have dry eyes as a result. But for most people, their tear production is lower than it should be. While that is not something that can be cured, and that is not always a specific cause for it, there are treatments that can be used. These usually involve medications that can help you make more of your own tears, but there may be other options available depending on your specific condition and if a cause can be determined.

What Types of Dry Eye Treatments Are Available?

Eye drops are the biggest treatment options for most people. These can be over-the-counter products for very mild or temporary cases -- such as after an eye procedure like vision correction surgery -- or prescription products that may provide more benefit for chronic problems. Most cases of dry eyes can be treated by these medications, which will improve the quality of life and clarity of vision. But they are not cures, and there may still be times when your eyes feel a little dry or irritated simply due to your condition. By working with knowledgeable professionals, you have a better chance of getting the right treatment for your needs.

Reach Out to Caring Professionals for Your Dry Eye Concerns

Dr. VanDerPloeg & Associates can help with your dry eye concerns. We want all our OH clients in Amelia, Batavia, and the surrounding areas to get the quality eye care they deserve. At Dr. VanDerPloeg & Associates, you can get your questions answered and explore treatment options for several eye conditions. Reach out to us today and let us help you feel good about your eye health again.

You do not have to leave with the redness and irritation of dry eyes when there are over the counter and prescription options that could work well for you. We are here to help you explore those options and find the best course of treatment for the future.

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