Lazy Eye

Lazy Eye Diagnosis and Treatment

Many children receive a diagnosis of lazy eye, also known as amblyopia. When recognized early, an eye doctor can correct it. If you suspect that your child may have uneven vision, come to Dr. VanDerPloeg & Associates. Proudly serving Cincinnati, Amelia, and Batavia, we can help your child to even the strength of their vision in both eyes.


Lazy Eye in Children

Amblyopia refers to a condition where one of the eyes does not see as well as the other. Typically, it happens due to how the eyes develop. Four key changes can cause eye development issues in children that result in amblyopia.

Those with a lazy eye may have it appear as the eyes not pointing in the same direction, a condition known as strabismus. The brain only looks through one eye, keeping the other one weak, or turning it into a "lazy eye."

Another form of amblyopia happens when one eye has a more severe refractive error than the other. The child may not notice that one eye makes things appear blurry because the brain will automatically correct what the child sees. The eye that has the refractive error will become weaker unless an eye doctor treats it.

Cloudiness in one eye that does not appear in the other can also cause the development of a lazy eye.

Lastly, some children may have one eyelid that droops, making the covered eye weaker than the other.

Treatment for Lazy Eye

Your child first needs a diagnosis of amblyopia before they can get treatment. An optometrist will be able to diagnose and recommend treatment during a regular eye exam. The sooner your child starts treatment for their amblyopia, the quicker the problem can correct itself.

Treatment depends on your child's eyes. Some eye doctors treat lazy eye is with an eyepatch over the unaffected eye. By covering the stronger eye, the patch forces the child's weaker eye to develop normally. This method may take weeks or months but is very effective.

Another way optometrists treat amblyopia is through eye drops to blur the stronger eye. This option might work for children who cannot wear a patch.

Lastly, children who have clouding over one eye may require surgery to remove the coating before continuing treatment for amblyopia.

Come See Us for Amblyopia Treatment

If you suspect that your child has a lazy eye and you are in Cincinnati, Amelia, or Batavia, OH, schedule a visit with us at Dr. VanDerPloeg & Associates. We can diagnose this condition, start treatment, or provide continuous care. Call us today at (513)-753-4981 to book an appointment. 

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